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Pam saved me several hundred dollars on our recent vacation. Even after I had agreed on the best deal she had found, she followed up when she found an even better deal, which saved me even more money. I will be contacting PC Travel Service for all of my future vacations, and will encourage others to as well. Pam's customer service is outstanding!

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Costa Rica was excellent. We went on many excursions, zip-lining, 1400 foot water slide through the jungle, horseback riding, a trip to the Monteverde Cloud forest, walking on the suspended bridges through the canopy of the jungle, seeing the native wildlife from monkeys, to sloth, to tucans, many different types of birds, and flora. A day trip to Nicaragua where we visited the Massaya Volcano, which is active, a trip to the City of Granada which included a ride on a horse drawn carriage, and a boat trip on Lake Massaya where we visited Monkey Island, home of spider and white-face monkeys. Costa Rica is not only for relaxation and the beautiful scenery, it is a place to interact with nature, sight see, and enjoy the many cultures and cuisine of the country. We stayed at the Rui Guanacaste and the food, employees, and overall experience was excellent. Every tour we took was a learning experience and the guides were very informative and friendly. Thanks again Pam for another great vacation, and if anybody is thinking about going, do not hesitate, there are many activities to suit your interests.

Words can not describe how amazing JAMAICA was! Thanks to Pam , my family and I got to receive a once in a lifetime experience. Starting back in January our family began the travel process i.e. where we wanted to go , the dates , accommodations. Pam and her services were out of this world. Pam was able to get us a great package deal! She was able to answer ALL of our questions and was great at being the liaison between us and the hotel. From the smooth transfer of flights to our hotels and all of the amenities it was wonderful. Jamaica has my heart therefore I will be back .... with the help of PAM.

With all of the thanks in the world of this trip. We thank you so very much.

LOVE the Kennelly and McNeil families <3

Pam Carter booked us a wonderful vacation to Montego Bay, Jamica . The Iberostar Hotel called Beaches was wonderful. Food, ent,staff. We the best time. Trouble on our way home we had a layover a Midway Airport , It was crazy. They took my husband aside and I trying to grab all our stuff what a nightmare. We are now boarding the plane and I look down and my blue diamond ring worth over 900.00 is gone... we get home search our bags nothing. We call Pam she get us the number to the Chicago Police, the Midway TSA and hooks up with the insurance company thru the trip. Well after 4weeks TSA found my ring and shipped it back to me. Not only did Pam book us a wonderful vacation again, she went above and beyond any customer service I ever had . See got my ring Back. I have used Pam for 8yrs and would think of going no were else. We love you Pam. Another great job.

Just wanted to send a thank you to Pam for once again planning a wonderful vacation for me, my husband and our friends. We have been clients of Pam for at least 20+ years. Our most recent trip to the Florida Keys was fantastic! Not only did she plan and map out our itinerary perfect to our likings, she follow up making sure our air boarding seating arrangements were done! When you plan a trip with Pam, you have no worries, we have never had a problem with any of our trips she has planned!

A huge THANK YOU to Pam for helping to make our first trip to Disney World so wonderful! She took care of everything and gave us great tips and advice in planning our days at the parks. Three weeks before our trip, our flight to Orlando was changed to a later time in the day, which would have wasted an entire day of our park package. Pam was on it! She took care of everything and got us on an earlier flight to allow us even more time to enjoy our vacation! She was fantastic! We had an amazing time and Pam has gained a client for life! Thanks again Pam:)

A friend from work gave me Pam's number after I had complained about how the big travel agency stopped listening to our needs and kept trying to book us into resorts that were out of budget. I'm so happy I called, because Pam got us a vacation of a lifetime, the best resort we have ever been to (Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe), and on budget. Actually, she found a way to make this resort and non-stop flights from Pgh to Cancun, fit our budget. Our first trip to Mexico had been to the Barcelo Maya Beach, and had yet to find an other resort to compare to the Barcelo property. With the Palace always in the back back of our minds as a "someday when we can afford it" vacation, Pam made that someday a reality. Really can not say enough about her customer service. I have already recommended her to family and friends alike, and will be booking all future travel thru hercompany

AWESOME!!! Our vacation to Italy couldn't of been more perfect. Hotels, transportation, locations, and tours were wonderful and everything went smooth and we had one of the best vacations of our life. A big shout out THANK YOU to PAM who planned it all for us with great ease and care. Even to contact us while in Rome to make sure we were safe due to a nearby earthquake.
Thanks again Pam from Lisa & Bill Worms and Frank Barbaro <3

Max and I are still reeling from the absolute paradise that is Dreams La Romana. We couldn't have chosen a better place to go to for our honeymoon, it was absolutely perfect. From the beautiful clear ocean, to the fantastic food, to the warm and caring staff and expert bartenders, we had a blast!
We truly didnt even know we could experience something so luxurious on our budget and that there's a place so beautiful on earth. Thank you so much for suggesting Dreams to us and being our travel agent and support for this trip, we couldn't have experienced paradise without you! We plan to look at the apple vacations book you gave us to see if there's somewhere else we'd like to go next January for our 1 year wedding anniversary, but we are heavily leaning towards going right back to Dreams La Romana because we truly loved it so much.

Thank you Pam for setting up such an amazing trip. We had a true adventure and saw the island from top to bottom. I fell in love with Kuaui and will most definitely return. The Koa loa landing resort was perfect and in a great location. We loved every minute of this trip and I did not want to come back 🙂 Loved it, loved it, loved it! Everything went smooth and easy with all of the arrangements and Poipu was awesome. Thanks again, for a trip of a lifetime.

All I have ever heard is Pam Carter this and Pam Carter that and you just have to work with Pam Carter. I always thought what is all the hype about? Well now I know we booked our honeymoon/wedding to Punta Cana through Pam/PC Travel and she 100% is all the hype and then some ! We had an amazing time with zero worries she took care of everything and walked us through everything from walking off the plane to seeing our first show. Thank you Pam Carter for doing what you do so well ! You gave us a memory that will last a lifetime.

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